"Welcome to the New Mediterranean Silver Club by Dukley"


We kindly inform you that following discounts are subject to your Silver Club Membership:                 

Dukley Beach Club, fine dinning restaurant

  • 10% discount on all food & beverages

Dukley Beaches, premium leisure destination

  • 10% discount on all food & beverages
  • 10% discount on sunbeds set

Dukley Marina, Budva

  • 10% discount on vessel's vertical manipulation (lifting & lowering???)
  • 10% discount on vessel's underwater part washing
  • 10% discount on our scuba diving program
  • 10% discount on berth for vessels up to 10 m  

Should you reach 10.000 Euros expenditure from your account, we will be glad to welcome you at:

 "Welcome to the New Mediterranean Gold Club by Dukley"


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